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How to turn the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone into a satellite phone

Congratulations Thuraya for producing SatSleeve the smartest, most exciting satellite communication product so far released.  The SatSleeve, is clearly the result of clever product research and super smart creativity of the Thuraya satellite technology team. 

Whilst other manufacturers push out brick satellite telephones that they "think" customers want,  Thuraya is actually listening to customers and producing satellite communication products that the customers actually "want"--the iPhone SatSleeve is exactly what consumers asked for!

Thuraya understands that a large portion of the satellite communication market does not want to lug a heavy, unsightly, brick-look-a-like telephone--the SatSleeve is the perfect solution!

The new generation of mobile phone users are used to clear, full colour displays that can be easily read under all conditions--and very smart features.  Thuraya has understood that very well and as a result ALL of the latest Thuraya Satellite phones provide unmatched quality in display brightness.  Place a Thuraya satellite phone alongside any other satellite phone in a sunny day,  or in a moonless night and be amazed by what you see.

SatSleeve -- the solution for those who want everything there is in Satellite Communication but don't want to pay for it :-)

The Sat Sleeve by Thuraya enables customers quickly transform their Apple iPhone 4 or 4s into a satellite phone.  Since most of our customers prefer watching a video rather than reading tedious. plumped up blurbs, please watch the following two videos.  Find out how easily you can turn your iPhone into a fully fledged, powerful and fully featured satellite phone.

You like the SatSleeve and you want it right now :-)

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Prices and Rates for Australian iPhone
or Samsung Galaxy SatSleeve users available now!
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If you do not yet have an iPhone, right now it is a perfect time to purchase the wonderful iPhone 4s.   The iPhone 4s offers amazing value for money.   I can speak with authority on this subject because I recently purchased several of these for the team.  The iPhone 4s speed, features, perfectly proportioned screen and amazing prize make it one of the most exciting buy at the moment--certainly in my case.   Of course when you buy a Thuraya SatSleeve, you turn your iPhone 4s into space communication technology at a price that you can easily afford.

The beauty of the SatSleeve is that you can now combine the options of making satellite phone calls using the Thuraya network,  with the obvious economy of making local calls with your preferred carrier wherever there is mobile coverage, enjoy the features and the wonderful big bright display of the iPhone.

You no longer need to lug your brick satellite phone and normal phone around,  you enjoy considerable savings in the cost of calls, and you are proud to use good looking, state of the art technology--that is the reason why you want to get the Thuraya SatSleeve right now!  :-)

What's the difference between the SatSleeve + and the Hotspot?

You find the SatSleeve IRRESISTIBLE and want to order one from us :-)

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Prices and Rates for Australian iPhone
or Samsung Galaxy SatSleeve users available now!
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J.T from Florida loves his Sat Sleeve for the Galaxy
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Prices and Rates for Australian iPhone
or Samsung Galaxy SatSleeve users available now!
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